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BBC Radio London (Recording Unavailable)

BBC: Who are the scots who won’t vote?

LBC: How do you register to vote?

BBC London: Your Questions Answered (21/11/19)

BBC Radio 5Live: Emma Barnett Show

UNiDAYS: 5 things that take longer than registering to vote.

BBC Radio Scotland 18/12/19 [Recording Unavailable]

BBC London: Your Questions Answered (12/11/19)

BBC News: Council elections: ‘Not enough’ women and minorities stand

The Telegraph: Beyond Greta – the other teenage activists changing the world

The Week: Local elections 2019: where are they taking place and who is likely to win?


The Independent: ‘Shouting at young people isn’t going to make them more likely to vote’.

Cosmopolitan Magazine: ‘More than a million young people have registered to vote’.

BBC Two: Victoria Derbyshire.

BBC London.

BBC Stoke: ‘Breakfast Show’ [Link Unavailable]

BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire: ‘Breakfast Show’ [Link Unavailable]

Voice of Islam Radio: ‘Drive Time’.

BBC Radio 5Live: ‘Afternoon Show – Why Vote?’ [48.30 minutes in].

The Guardian: ‘Roll up! Universities embark on big push to boost student vote’.

BBC News: ‘General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote? (Updated)’.

Stoke Sentinal: ‘Big Issue: “It’s just more freeloading” – why didn’t you vote in county elections?’.

Konbini: ‘Louis Theroux Puts Out A Call For Young People To Vote’.

The National Student: ‘Meet the Brunel 3rd year on a mission to get you politically engaged’.

The Guardian: ‘Can’t be bothered to vote? If you’re young, you simply can’t afford not to’.

The London Evening Standard: ‘How to vote tactically in the 2017 general election’.

BBC News: ‘General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote?’.

Stoke Sentinal: ‘Big Issue: Not bothering? Why voting really does make a difference’.


ChronicleLive: ‘Newcastle and the North East set to head to the polls for local elections’.


Chester Chronicle: ‘Councillors lend support to teenager’s politics website’.

Redshift Radio: ‘Interview’.

Chester Chronicle: ‘Teenager Rachael on mission to encourage young people to vote’.

North West FYI: ‘Young Entrepreneur Sets Out To Increase 18-25 Vote With New Website’.

York Press: ‘Voting Counts’.

The Big Issue: ‘Soapbox’. [Link Expired]

The Guardian: ‘Disaffected Youth’.

Total Politics: ‘Make Voting Count’.