Get A Postal Vote

If you are unable to get to the polling station on election day you can vote  by post. This means that you can cast your vote a few days in advance if you’re busy on election day, or vote in your home constituency while living away at university.

Your step guide to getting a postal vote:

Step 1: Register

You first need to register to vote. You can do it online and it takes 5 minutes.

Deadline: 19th April

Step 2: Download

If you want a postal vote you need to download the form and fill it out.

Step 3: Send

Send your form to the local electoral registration office via post or email.

Deadline: 25th April

The deadline for postal vote applications is usually eleven working days before polling day. Your postal vote is normally sent out about a week before election day.

Remember you cannot vote twice in the same election. The exception to this rule is local elections, if you live in 2 different local authority areas (for example because you’re a student), you may be able to vote in both areas.

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