About us:

Voting Counts is a simple, unbiased political resource that helps you make informed decisions when voting.

Voting Counts was set up in 2014 by Rachael, who was studying for her A-levels, when she found that many of her friends did not intend to vote because they didn’t feel informed enough about politics.

“I founded the website after hearing that some my friends didn’t feel ‘informed enough’ to vote. They had lots of questions about how elections actually impacted their lives, and who they should vote for. Although I have my own political views, I wanted to create a resource that would help them learn about the importance of voting, and come to their own conclusions about who to support.”

Voting Counts now has contributors from across the political spectrum, who all have the same aim of encouraging political engagement, while maintaining political neutrality to empower young adults to make their own informed decisions.

If you have any questions about Voting Counts, or if you would like to help out with the organisation please email us. We are also happy to respond to any media enquiries you may have.

Hi 2024!

It is set to be a big year for elections, and It’s now officially been 10 years since I set up Voting Counts. I’m no longer 17, or a student, so adult life has started to get in the way of me giving this website the commitment it deserves (and needs) so I am currently in talks with The Politics Project about becoming the new custodians of the website and its content. That might mean some parts of the website aren’t quite up to date but we hope this change will mean a long term future for Voting Counts! – Rachael

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