General Election 2019 #GE2019

General Election 2019

What is a General Election?

General Elections are an opportunity for the public to elect a Member of Parliament to represent their constituency in Parliament.

Results of the 2017 General Election

There are 650 Members of Parliament who make up the House of Commons, one for each of the UK’s 650 constituencies.

General Elections also decide which party will become the Government and run the country, based on the party that wins at least 50% (325) of the constituencies in the UK.

What do I need to know?

Trying to decide who to vote for? Our resources will give you an overview of the political parties and their beliefs.

Voting for the first time and want to know how it all works? We’ve produced a guide about how to vote.

How does it affect me?

General Elections have a huge impact on every citizen living in the UK, this is because they decide who forms the Government and who ultimately governs the entire country.

The Government has responsibility for many areas, including:

🏥 The NHS 👪 Welfare
🛬 Immigration 🍃 The Environment
📊 The Economy & Jobs 🏘️ Housing
🗺️ Foreign Affairs 🚓 Policing & Security
📚 Education  📦 Trade & Regulation

Your local MP doesn’t just get involved in national issues, they may also campaign on local issues and assist their constituents (people like you) with problems ranging from energy bills to immigration.

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