Support Voting Counts and kit out your local college, community centre, or student union with our posters and beer/coffee mats!

A2 Register To Vote Poster (Local Elections)
These A2 posters can be displayed around your school, university or community. They are specifically designed for the upcoming local elections, and promote voter registration and engagement in the elections.

Buy Pink – Register to Vote (£10 inc P&P)  Buy Blue – Council Responsibilities (£10 inc P&P)

If you would like to digitally download the artwork and print your own posters – get in touch!

Beer/Coffee Mats
A pack of 80 double sided beer mats – perfect for your student union, pub or bar. These two sided mats demonstrate the importance of voting by highlighting the difference in turnout between 18-25 year olds and over 65s (source). The other side points them in the direction of our website, where they can find out more information about elections and voting.

These beer mats are not local election specific, meaning they can be used in the run up to any election as the message is consistent – unfortunately young adults don’t vote as much as older generations.

Buy 10 (£5 inc P&P) Buy 50 (£12 inc P&P)  100 (£20 inc P&P)

FYI: This is a 100% voluntary project, volunteers do not earn any money from the donations to Voting Counts. Every penny goes towards the cost of manufacturing the products and maintaining/promoting the website.