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The General Election on June 8th is fast approaching, and we know so many people want to help Voting Counts in getting young adults informed about politics and motivated to vote. So we thought we’d make this easy guide to let you know how you could help us out.

If you’re new to Voting Counts I recommend you take a look at our about page, but also our ‘why vote‘ page to see what we’re trying to achieve!

1. Follow us on social media and share our content.

Because we have no budget most of our promotion is done via social media. If you could follow us and share our posts it would help us massively.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Oh and keep an eye on Soundcloud too, new project coming soon!

2. Write about us, or get your friends to!

Do you have a blog? Do you know someone who works for the local or national press? Do you write for your student newspaper?

If you do you could help spread the word about our website and resources, please try and include links to Voting Counts in any articles (or even facebook statuses) you may write.

3. Sponsor or print our materials!

As you may know Voting Counts produces a A6 twelve page booklet called the ‘Little Guide to Elections & Voting’. These little booklets are the perfect introduction to elections for young adults. We send them out to schools, bloggers and young adults to introduce them to elections and our organisation,

However we need more ( we literally have three copies left), could you help us out? If you’re a kind print company or an individual that wants to help us fund this then please get in touch!

4. Take part in our new blog series.

We are launching is a series of blogs called “I’m [Name], and politics affects me”, a series of blogs that aims to talk to ordinary, ‘non-political’ people from all walks of life, about how political decisions impact their life, such as funding for their sports clubs, the options available to them at school etc. The first interview, with Voting Counts founder Rachael, has just gone live, take a look!

Want to take part? Let us know!

5. Donate!

Every pound you give can help us further promote and enhance impartial resources ahead of the UK General Election. If every person who visited our website donated just £1 we could reach 200,000 young adults each day through social media advertising.

You can donate here.

If you want to take part in any of the above, have your own ideas, or would like more info just email contact@votingcounts.org.uk.

Voting Counts is run completely by unpaid young volunteers, most of us are right in the middle of writing our dissertations and sitting university exams, so we really appreciate your support and help at this busy time.

Rachael Farrington

Hello! I founded Voting Counts back in 2014, when I was a sixth form student. I'm now studying Politics and History at University and run Voting Counts in my spare time.

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