What happens when polls close? The Count.

What happens when polls close? The Count.

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UK Polling Stations are open 7am-10pm on the day of an election, but what happens when those doors close? When the doors close at 10pm the ballot boxes are quickly transported to the location of the count, this is usually a large sports hall within the constituency. When the ballot boxes arrive, their seal is

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What happens if you do not vote?

What happens if you do not vote?

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What happens if I don't vote? The answer is simply nothing. If you don't vote you have not shown preference for anyone standing in the election, or any side in a referendum campaign. Your vote will not be counted for either side or directly effect the result. However, it is sometimes true that some campaigns Read more

Blank Voting

Don't agree with any of the candidates on the ballot paper? If you do not feel aligned to any of the political parties or candidates in your area then there is 'Blank Voting'. Staying at home makes you a statistic, it is presumed that you are just uninterested in politics or the election and didn't Read more

How To Vote

If you want to vote in elections you must first be registered to vote. If you're a student living away from home, you can register to vote at both addresses. Register to Vote! You can now register to vote online, its very quick to do. You just need to know your name, address and your national Read more


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