Q&A with John McDonnell MP

After inviting Sir John Randall to discuss his political views late last year, Voting Counts and students at Brunel University have invited John McDonnell, the Member of Parliament for Hayes and Harlington, to discover what Labour has to offer in the run up to the General Election.

Joshua Connolly kindly live blogged the event, you can follow the events of the evening here.

Questions from the Chair, Rachael Farrington (Founder of Voting Counts) and Students included:

  • How would the political landscape look if there was a General Election in 2007?
  • Why have you advocate for decriminalisation, rather than full legalisation, of sex workers?
  • Do you support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel?
  • You seem to be left of Labour, what do you see of the role that the Green party has played in politics?
  • Why are there a large number of Labour members who regard Blair’s role in history the Labour party negatively?
  • What do you think if one of the other candidates won the Labour leadership election? [In regards to the 2010 leadership race]
  • Do you think the Labour party can move back to the left?
  • What do you think of lowering the voting age to 16?
Rachael Farrington

Hello! I founded Voting Counts back in 2014, when I was a sixth form student. I'm now studying Politics and History at University and run Voting Counts in my spare time.

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