Press Release: Student-run website seeks to inform young adults ahead of General Election.

Student-run website seeks to inform young adults ahead of General Election.

Voting Counts is a website designed to help young people make an informed choice at the ballot box. The impartial resource, for which content is created by young adults and students, was founded in 2014 by student Rachael Farrington after a conversation with friends about not knowing who to vote for and why.

In 2015 only 43% of 18-24-year-olds voted in the General Election. Voting Counts founder, Rachael, puts this down to many young adults not feeling informed enough, or not understanding how political decisions affect their everyday lives.

Following the announcement of the General Election in June, the website launched a drive to get young people registered using a comprehensive list of reasons why it is important to vote.

Voting Counts is also working on their ‘General Election Policy Matrix’, which will allow voters to compare the top party policies in a number of policy areas. The matrix proved to be popular in the 2015 election, and Voting Counts hopes to build upon this success over the 2017 General Election period.

Furthermore, in an effort to help potential voters understand the influence politics has on them Voting Counts is conducting a series of short interviews with young adults discussing how politics affects their hobbies, interests, work and studies.

“I think it is so easy to fall into the habit of not voting, many don’t really see how politics affects them or their lives on a day to day basis. To this I would say think about what you care about, is it your own education and future learning, the local community spaces, healthcare, or jobs in your local community? Usually, whatever issue it is that you care about is influenced by politics in some way, so at the very least you should cast your vote so that you have a say in making sure that issue is dealt with in a way you see fit.” (Voting Counts Founder, Rachael)


  • Voting Counts was founded in 2014, by Rachael Farrington (currently a Brunel University Politics & History Student).
  • The organisation is run totally by young volunteers from across the UK.
  • The website also contains information on the devolved bodies and upcoming local council elections.
Rachael Farrington

Hello! I founded Voting Counts back in 2014, when I was a sixth form student. I'm now studying Politics and History at University and run Voting Counts in my spare time.

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