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When you vote in a general election you vote for an MP (Member of Parliament) to represent your area. Most MPs are part of a political party, the party with the majority of MPs (325) wins the election and the leader of that party becomes Prime Minister. MPs are usually in a particular party because they have similar views to the party’s core beliefs, however their personal opinion may have one or two differences, to get a more accurate idea of what your Local MP stands for it is best to contact them directly. Find out more..

Got an issue you care about? Find out what the 5 main English parties think using our Policy Matrix. 
This page gives you a brief summary of key promises from each political party in the 2015 election campaign.

Spend at least £8bn more by 2020.

7 Day GP openings.
Investment to provide 8,000 GPs & 20,000 new nurses.

Cut waiting to 1 week for cancer treatments.
Invest £8bn a year by 2020.

Focus and further investment in Mental Health services.
£3bn extra a year on frontline services.

Scrap hospital parking charges.
End Privatisation & Marketisation.

Make mental health a higher priority - with resources to match.
Migrants must wait 4 years before claiming certain benefits.

Reform EU freedom of movement rules.
'Stronger' border checks and entry and exit checks.

Targets to reduce low-skilled immigration.
Re-introduce border exit checks.

Abolish Child Benefit for children not resident in UK.
Points system to select immigrants based on their skills.

Equal policy for EU and non-EU migrants.
Abolish requirement for citizens to be earning £18,600 before their partner can live in the UK.
Eradicate the Deficit by 2018.

Cut income tax for 30 million people by 2020 via cuts.
Introduce 50p tax rate if earning over £150k.

Reintroduce 10p rate.
Raise the point at which you start paying income tax to £12500.

Balance budget in a fair way.
Clear deficit during parliament.

Increase income tax threshold to £13,000.
End austerity and reverse public sector cuts.

Raise taxes on those who can afford to pay.
Re-negotiation, then a Referendum on membership of by EU in 2017.

Protect Foreign Aid.
Push for EU reform.

Defence & Security Review every 5 years.
Reduce number of Trident nuclear submarines.

Push for better EU efficiency.
Leave EU.

Cut Foreign Aid budget by £9bn.
Boost overseas aid to 1% of GDP.

Higher priority to global climate change agreements.
Fund and prioritise the creation of 3 million new apprenticeships. Guarantee a job for under 25's who've been unemployed for over a year.

Ban 0-Hour contracts.
Double number of employers offering apprenticeships.

Clamp down on Zero Hour Contract abuse.
Allow firms to offer jobs to British workers first.

Conduct skills review to inform education.
Create 1 million public sector jobs.

Raise minimum wage to £10 by 2020.
Teachers, parents and communities should be able to apply to set up a government-funded school. Voting age to 16.

Lower Tuition Fees to £6,000.
Ring-fence education budget.

More money for disadvantaged schools.
Create grammar schools & technical schools.

Scrap tuition fees for STEM subjects.
Scrap tuition fees.

Comprehensive system of local schools.
100,000 new starter homes built.

First-time buyers able to purchase at 20% under market price.
200,000 houses built each year by 2020.

Cap rent increases in the private sector.
300,000 houses built a year.

Begin work on 10 new garden cities in the next parliament.
Protect greenbelt land by building affordable home son 'brownfield' land. Abolish bedroom tax. Build 500,000 new social rented homes.

Bring 350,000 empty homes back into use.
Banning orders for groups deemed to be inciting hatred or fear.

Replace HRA with Bill of Rights.
Scrap PCCs & invest funds in front line police.

Bring back control orders.
End prison sentences for personal drug possession - replace with medical treatment. Replace Human Rights Act with Bill of Rights.

Withdraw European Arrest Warrant.
Focus on crime prevention inc more community policing.

Operate smaller prison system.
No increase in benefits for 2 years.

Cut maximum claim by one household from £26k to £23k.
Freeze energy prices until 2017.

Increase minimum wage to £8 per hour by 2020.
Triple lock to guarantee decent future pension rises.

Reform ‘bedroom tax’.
Scrap bedroom tax.

Migrants must be able to support themselves for 5 years.
Review the benefit cap.

Introduce citizens pension - for all, regardless of past contributions.


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