What is the Mayor responsible for?

On May 5th 2016 London residents will be able to vote for their next Mayor of London as well as elections for the Members of the London Assembly.

The Mayor will represent London on the national and international stage, promoting Londoner’s views and issues. The Mayor is held account by the Greater London Assembly.

They are responsible for areas such as economic development, arts, culture, the environment, policing, transport, housing, planning.

How are they elected?

The Election uses the Supplementary Vote System (SV), a simplified version of the AV.  The ballot paper will have two columns, one for voters first and another for their second choice.

The first choices are counted and, if a candidate receives a majority from these first preference votes they are elected. If no candidate reaches a majority, then the two candidates with the highest number of votes are enter a second round but the other candidates are eliminated.

The second preference votes on the ballot papers of the eliminated candidates are counted and those cast for the two remaining candidates are transferred. The candidate with the most votes at the end of this process wins the election.

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