Party Leadership Elections: Labour & Conservative.

The Labour Party

 The Conservative Party


Candidates are selected if they receive 15% of votes from Labour MP & MEPs

Who gets to vote?

“One Member One Vote” – all paid-up party members, registered and affiliated supporters are entitled to a single vote via a postal-ballot.

Electoral system:

Alternative vote (instant run-offs)

Was it always this way?

No – a three-way electoral college comprising of Labour MPs and MEPs, party members and affiliated members. System was changed to One Member One Vote under recommendation from the Collins Review 2014.

Update (1/7/16): rules may differ if an incumbent is challenged. 


Any MP who receives at-least two nominations from fellow Conservative MPs.

Who gets to vote?

Conservative MPs vote in the initial elimination ballot. All paid-up Party members of at-least three months can vote in the second ballot.

Electoral System:

First Past the Post system is adopted in a two-stage process; Conservative MPs hold ballots until all but two candidates are eliminated. All paid-up party members vote in the second stage, choosing between the two remaining candidates.

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Article written by Morgan Haringman.

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