International Youth Day

Voting Counts is so excited to be celebrating International Youth Day this year!

Given that Voting Counts was created for young adults, and our content is created exclusively by students and young people this day is significant for us, and one we would like to use to reflect on what we have achieved.

It has been such a busy time for us over the past two years, with the General Election, London Mayoral Election, EU Referendum and elections for the devolved bodies, we have been kept busy!

The General Election in particular was our busiest period. In the month of May we saw 41k visitors to the website and, on the day of the election itself, 15k visitors used Voting Counts to get informed.

We are also growing; over the past year we have built up a fantastic team of contributors who all have a passion for getting young people informed about politics. We are also keen to keep adding new personalities to our team so, if you want to be part of it all please do get in touch.

Looking ahead, we want to keep expending the website’s content and providing unbiased information so that young people can make informed decisions when voting. But we also want to explore new projects, such as our teaching resource (which is currently being built!). This tool will provide teachers with resources that will help them to introduce students to politics and political engagement.

On a personal note, I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported Voting Counts since 2014, especially the amazing team of contributors that have really understood my vision for the organisation. I hope we continue to grow and inspire more young people to engage with decision makers.

Finally, in the spirit of International Youth Day we would like to promote this message to young people across the world:

“Engage with decision makers, they are deciding your future, make sure they hear your opinion.”

Rachael Farrington

Hello! I founded Voting Counts back in 2014, when I was a sixth form student. I'm now studying Politics and History at University and run Voting Counts in my spare time.

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Become a Volunteer.

One of the most important aspects of our development has been the input of the volunteers who dedicate their time, knowledge and passion into the website. We are currently looking to expand this volunteer team.

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