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Local Government Elections – May 4th 2017

In Local Elections you are voting for between one and three councillors to represent your ward on the local council. There are 388 local councils in England and about 20,000 councillors.

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Mayoral Elections – May 4th 2017

Regional Mayors will be elected in the following areas; Cambridgeshire and PeterboroughGreater ManchesterLiverpool City RegionSheffield City RegionTees ValleyWest of EnglandWest Midlands. Local Authority Mayors will also be elected in Doncaster & North Tyneside.

Scottish Local Government Elections – May 4th 2017

“Local government in Scotland comprises 32 unitary local authorities, responsible for the provision of a range of public services. Local authority areas reflect the geographical diversity within Scotland with wide variations in size (from 60km2in Dundee City council area to 25,656km2 in Highland council area) and population (from under 20,000 people in Orkney Islands council area to over 600,000 in Glasgow City council area).” (Source)

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Welsh Local Government Elections – May 4th 2017

“The Welsh Government sets the national priorities, strategic context and overall level of funding for services. It is then the responsibility of the 22 councils to deliver these services on a local level within the national context.” (Source)

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