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We really do rely on your donations to continue the work of Voting Counts. We’re a not for profit organisation run by student volunteers. There are some great plans in store for the future but without your support we cannot continue!

Donations go towards a number of things, but most prominently they are spent website hosting and advertising.

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“It’s so important that people vote, it’s not just about being heard but it makes politicians accountable to you. Voting Counts is a great website as it helps young people understand who they vote for, which can be a massive problem. Young people are the future and their vote gives them the power to change their present”

Ife Grillo

British Youth Council Vice Chair

“I support the ‘Voting Counts’ initiative in spreading greater understanding of how the UK is governed and, more importantly, how younger citizens may actively participate in our democratic systems. We need more sites like ‘Voting Counts’ in order to ensure as many young people as possible register to vote, engage and act.”

Lord Storey

Liberal Democrat Peer

“Simplicity is what you need when it comes to something as complex as politics. Voting Counts is taking steps to make this complexity as accessible as possible for everyone. I highly commend this work.”

Ayath Ullah

Business Analyst, HM Government

Little Book of Elections & Voting

You can also donate to Voting Counts by purchasing one of our ‘Little Books’!

This edition of the Voting Count’s Little Book is a great twelve page introduction to the world of elections and voting. It will introduce you to a number of concepts including:

  • Why vote?
  • How to choose who to vote for.
  • Other ways to get involved in politics.
  • Types of elections.
  • Key word glossary

Plus more!

These quick guides are perfect for schools, community groups and for young adults.

By purchasing this guide you are helping Voting Counts to expand and grow our resources. We are a not for profit organisation.

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