Scottish Parliament Elections

Scottish Parliament elections occur every four years to elect the Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

The Scotland Act 1998 created a Scottish Parliament and passed to it the powers to make laws on a range of issues. These powers were extended by the Scotland Act 2012.

Devolved powers are aspects of policy that are controlled by the Scottish Parliament, retained powers are managed by the government in Westminster, these are generally policies that affect the whole of the UK.

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Welsh Assembly Elections

Elections for the Welsh Assembly happen every four years. They elect the Members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs).

Following the landslide election of Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1997, a referendum was held in Wales over whether there was support for the establishment of a national assembly. A referendum had previously been held in 1979 but had been defeated comfortably. This time a narrow majority voted in favour, and the Government of Wales Act 1998 saw the creation of the Welsh Assembly Government.

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Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly are elected every four years.

The Good Friday Agreement established a power sharing government in Northern Ireland in 1998. This was a landmark occasion and marked a watershed in the Northern Irish Peace process following The Troubles.

Since then the Assembly has had high and low points including substantial periods of Suspension and the devolution of Policing and Justice powers.

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