Voting Counts is a simple, unbiased political resource that helps you make informed decisions when voting.

The website aims to help people understand who and what they are voting for, we use simple language to de-code politics and make it more digestible.

It was set up in 2014 by Rachael, who was studying for her A-levels, when she found that many of her friends did not intend to vote because they didn’t feel informed enough about politics.

“I founded Voting Counts after my friends were constantly asking me whom they should vote for, but as a politically active person my answer was always pretty biased. So I wanted to create somewhere my friends could actually go and compare the parties in an unbiased way rather than hearing an often one-sided opinion from friends, family and the media. It’s important for young people to make their own informed decisions” – Rachael Farrington (Founder of Voting Counts)

The political party’s descriptions and policies come from a number of sources Usually the parties themselves provide information and some is also extracted from manifestos and press releases from the political parties themselves.

For other areas of the website different sources are used to create content, often from the Parliament UK website itself. We try to provide links to the sources of information wherever possible.

The aim is to extract content from a wide variety of sources, then collate, rewrite and simplify it for our audiences. Most importantly we try to make sure that the information supplied to our readers is unbiased.

Voting Counts was originally founded by Rachael Farrington while she was studying for her A-Level exams.

A number of student volunteers also help to produce content for the website from time to time.

The organisation is now registered as a not for profit and relies on donations. All volunteers, including founder Rachael, are unpaid.

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